My name is Karin Söderberg, born in Härnösand, raised in Stockholm, but now I live with my daughter Tove and my son Hannes on a small farm south of Gränna, Sweden. When I don't train the dogs I work in my joinery shop with handicraft.

I got my first own dog after finishing agriculture school. It was a Bearded Collie and during the next 15 years I competed in obedience, tracks and search with my two dogs Bilbo and Skorpan, everything in elite class.

When I got the opportunity, I bought a small farm in the country. I got some sheep and taught that after all the things I've done with my Bearded Collies, sheepherding would be no problem. But, it didn't work the way I taught, unherded sheep, Bearded Collies and no knowledge...

So after a few years with my sheep I got my first Border Collie "Vilda" and everything changed. Sheepherding is amazing!! I love keeping clinics, compete a lot and have a place in the Swedish national team. I also have a small kennel with one-two litters a year.

/Karin Söderberg